Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Making of the Gemstone Sparrow

  I joined the Etsy Team, Wired, back in May.  It was the first real team I had been in and being that I am new to Etsy I wanted to really jump in and be an active member of the team.  Shortly after joining, the team ran it's first Wire Design Challenge contest.  The theme was birds. Birds.. hmm.. I never much cared for birds and didn't really know alot about them.. but I do know tattoos! S o I decided to try to weave a Sailor Jerry old school sparrow.

  Historically, the sparrow tattoo started as a sailors’ tattoo.  Sailors used to get a sparrow tattoo for every 5,000 nautical miles they traveled.  Sparrows were also believed to bring a sailor good luck, so sometimes the sailor got his Sparrow tattoo before leaving the docks, hoping it would act as a talisman, and help bring him safely home again.

  The ancient Egyptians believed that sparrows would catch the souls of those who had died.  This belief was another cause for a sailor to have the sparrow tattoo, as if the sailor had the misfortune of dying at sea, according to the legend the sparrow would carry his spirit to heaven.

  Sparrow is different from most birds, when they find their soul mate, they stay with them till the end of their life.  For that reason, a sparrow is a symbol of finding your true love as Sparrows symbolize love, dedication and trust.  A sparrow is a symbol of finding your freedom.  Sparrows are known for traveling great distances, but always returning home

  This is a tattoo inspired sparrow made of Copper, Blue Agate, Green Jade, Citrine, Garnet and Copper Beads.  Totally hand woven and wrapped and totally one of a kind.  Intricately beaded she takes on the look of stained glass.

  The sparrow rides mid chest, hanging from 18 inches of copper chain. Her body is approx. 4x3 inches.

  I would love to take custom orders for works of the same style, if you have an image in mind please contact me!

  This piece is currently for sale at Copar Aingeal.

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